I'm doing an experiment, developing an enterprise application in Java and Ruby in parallel, trying to evaluate whether Ruby is enterprise ready, or Java must still remain my weapon of choice.

Monday, November 20, 2006


So, why am I doing this?

I’ve been using Java for nine years now. I never used it exclusively – I wrote lots of code with C, C++ and Delphi, but Java’s always been my bread and butter. Nevertheless, I’ve become more and more disenchanted with it lately. I’m going to skip the Java rants though – an entire book was written about Java’s problems, and Bruce Tate writes better than I do.

Anyway, not long ago I finally took the plunge and learned Python (this Paul Graham article was the catalyst – after all, I like to program, and I wasn’t satisfied with the languages I already knew). Soon enough I was asking myself what took me so long. I fell in love (Noa - don’t worry, not the way I love you). After the initial crush passed, I decided to look at Ruby as well. I liked it even better. I became convinced that Java’s days are numbered. The question’s not if, it’s when (and with Rails the latter question may have been answered already).

Obviously, I began evangelizing dynamic languages around the office, with some success (i.e. getting some Java programmers to play with Python or Ruby in their spare time).

Around that time I started writing the spec for this new project. However, when I suggested that we try something other than Java, I quickly learned that management would never buy it. To paraphrase the IBM maxim: nobody ever got fired for using Java…

What I realized soon enough was that I don’t stand a fighting chance with Ruby as long as I can’t show that it’s already been used successfully in serious projects in serious enterprises. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any references. I decided to be that reference for others, and here we are…

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